If occupational health and safety is understood as a supporting process and if it is integrated appropriately into the workflow within the company, it makes an essential contribution to increase the operational safety and especially to improve the profitability and competitiveness. For this reason it is important that a consistent, systematic approach is established in the company. This approach plans OHS based on objectives, organizes, implements and monitors it and moreover makes changes as needed. The experience has shown that this form of OHS organization can be easily integrated into existing company structures by a management system. As part of a so-called integrated management system, according to ISO standards such as 9001 (quality) or 140001 (environmental), resources can be bundled and synergy effects can be achieved by the simultaneous use of company-wide improvements in several areas. The occupational health and safety management system, such as OHSAS 18001 certified as well as non-certified, is focused on the continuous improvement of safety at work, the optimization of processes and the continuous strengthening of the health of employees to originate the maximum benefit for the value of the company. This is also achieved by motivating all members of the company to actively participate in the systematic implementation of OHS. Due to structured organization of OHS, additional advantages are created, such as: reduced absence caused by accident or illness, an increased and equalized productivity of the employees as well as the contractors by fostering their satisfaction. Furthermore, external requirements of the authorities (legal compliance) or stakeholders, such as investors or customers, can be complied more efficiently and easily. Using the appropriate internal and external communication and presentation of the compliance with these corporate social responsibilities (CSR), the company's reputation (image) will be significantly improved. This leads to increased job satisfaction and improved competitiveness. Therefore OHS is an essential and vital component of the corporate culture.

Companies around the world have already recognized these advantages of OHSMS and understood these as an indispensable part of their modern management. Hence, the OHSMS supports your business to improve continuously in terms of requirements of the market, customers, government and society.