Second Milestone: Analysis of the Current State

Following up the to-be analysis, the internal determining of the actual situation is done in type of the analysis of the current state, which represents the second milestone. For this the CFT, supported by the appropriate manager, describes the present situation in detail, with the help of the developed checklist of milestone one. Within this first company’s inspection the current state of OHS integration in the organization, technical equipment and employee’s knowledge will be documented and evaluated. Thereby already existing documents are revised, factories and mines were visited on site as well as taking interviews with managers and employees, in order to involve these in the planning process as intensively as possible. Important aspects to consider this are: mapping of processes including support processes, workings and activities and their engagement and combination (process map), communications and the display of responsibilities within the company (organisational chart). Does the company already has a quality management (ISO 9001) or an environmental management (ISO 14001) can it receive a multiplicity of relevant information from these. As part of the analysis of the current state also clearly identified performance parameters need to be introduced. A corresponding overview / recommendation which parameters in the AGS should be collected is indicated in the section on measuring the performance. To create this so-called Key Performance Indicators (KPI), it is relevant that its clearly defined, where the necessary information and data come from and by what formula works it will be processed.