Risk Assessment

The risk assessment (RA) represents one of the essential tools. In addition to identification of hazards and the assessment of risks, it supports the actors of the occupational health and safety on other safety-relevant tasks. Based on the results of the RA it is for example possible to acquire and evaluate mitigation measures as well as to develop training an instruction plans. One of a company’s goals is to have safety-conscious employees in good health at productive work places with safe working conditions. To achieve this goal the hazards of the company have to be known and the risk for employees have to be assessed. The risk assessment is based on the likelihood and potential severity of damage. risk assessment For the identified hazards and their risk, assessment objectives can be defined. Furthermore measures to prevent the hazards or reduce the risk can be performed. Before any change or introduction of new working methods, materials, processes or machinery the hazard identification and risk assessment at the workplace should be carried out. Further occasions or intervals for the implementation have to be determined by the company. The identification and assessment should be ongoing. Responsible for the implementation of hazard identification and determination of the protective measures is the employer, who may delegate this duty to its executives. Such an assessment should be made in consultation and involvement of workers. Advice and support gets the employer from the occupational health and safety department. The results of the evaluation have to be documented. The harmonization of the AGS situation in the company, a company-wide standardized method for hazard identification, risk analysis and measures dissipation must be developed and determined and subsequently introduced. The managers and employees have to be familiar with their obligations, the process and the associated tools and have to be trained in the performance. A risk assessment must be submitted by the contractors too. The scope and shape are to be agreed with them. The workings results of the own employees have to be taken into account, if the employees are affected.