Risk assessment template

risk assessment temlate.bild probability
1RareMay occur only in exceptional circrumstances0.0018518518518519< 3 %
2UnlikelyCould occur sometimes0.000810185185185193 - 10 %
3PossibleMight occur sometimes0.0007060185185185210 - 50 %
4LikelyWill probably occur in most circumstances0.1111111111111150 - 90 %
5Almost certainIs expected to occur in most circumstances0.048611111111111> 90 %
severity rate
AMinor injury / NegligibleHazard may cause minor injury, illness, first-aid treatment. Employee can continue working.Small cuts, local burns, light headache
BModerate injury / HarmfulHazard may cause an accident that causes an employee to be absent for 1 to 14 consecutive days.To twist one's ankle, bruise, flu
CNon-fatal injuryHazard may cause an accident that causes an employee to be absent for 15 consecutive days till recovery. No permanent damage.Broken leg
DFatal injuryHazard may cause severe injury, illness or permanent partial loss of one or more bodily functions, or loss of production capability. Irreparable permanent damage.Loss of leg, organ damage
ELife threateningHazard may cause death.Death, abestos, cancer
risk matrix