Reviewing Performance

The organization of occupational health and safety has the ultimate aim to sustainably ensure and increase the health and safety of the workers. To achieve this aim, different approaches have to be followed. As a part of the assessment factors, the OHS performance can be compared with the targets, the own standards or the best-in-industry. On the other hand, an evaluation of the development related to changes (i. e. in comparison to the last year, the annual average or comparison of operating units) is also possible. This regular adjustment of targets represents an important aspect of the continuous improvement of the OHS situation within the company.

Kontinuierliche Verbesserungsprozess The OHS performance is evaluated at specified periods (min. 1x annually) by the use of the collected KPIs. This is used to control and determine which measures were implemented successfully at what expense and which did not work out. In this context, it is to clarify why measures have not worked out as planned and how to counter this non-conformity. This means that the review is not a pure troubleshooting (fault diagnostics) but also serves to reveal and highlight the potentials for improvement and the best approaches, as it is in the sense of any business to integrate the OHS as a cost-reducing assisting process into daily operations. In addition to the purely figure based acquisition of the OHS situation, the operations and conditions inside the company must be checked, whether they match the compulsory OHS standards or methods, as part of the regularly conducted site inspections by safety experts as well as by the managers. According to the ways and measures described above (Motivating, sanctioning, etc.), they have to intervene in the observed situations, if necessary. Subsequent to the operating procedure they have to review the piece of work and the safety behavior in form of a short, constructive feedback conversation. The topic OHS and safety behavior and the specific evaluation of the performance of individual employees is therefore also subject of the regular staff appraisal interviews. Due to their individual responsibility and the resulting obligations, the employees themselves are required to pay attention to the safety awareness of their colleagues, visitors and contractors and inform them of the OHS rules, if necessary.

The review of the OHSMS hast to be part of the evaluation, too. In the form of management reviews (e.g. 1x per year) it is assured that the practicality, effectiveness and compliance with the requirement are guaranteed by the system and its elements. These evaluation processes are supported by quarterly internal audits.