Mitigation Methods / Hierarchy of Measures

After the hazards have been identified and the risks assessed, measures need to be developed and introduced, to reduce the risk to an acceptable level in the hazard area. level risikoeinteilung

Preventive and protective measures need to be implemented in the following order: Elimination of the hazard, substitution, technical measures, organizational measures and personal measures. The hierarchy of control measures is also called STOP. During the selection of measures must also be considered that the avoidance of hazards has a higher priority than the reducing the hazards. In the implementation period of protection measures all stakeholders of the company have to be informed and trained adequately.

Maßnahmenhierarchie The higher the measure stands in the hierarchy, the more effective is the workers` protection from the harmful effects of the hazard. In the following overview examples of protective measures at various levels are listed. beispiele für schutzmaßnahmen.en