Integration in the organisational structure

The company's management has the organisational responsibility to represent the individual- or functional-related responsibilities. This is usually done through organizational charts. There, the individual responsibility hierarchies are shown as well as the structure of the respective organizational unit. In these organisational charts respective positions with the respective rights and obligations in the respective job descriptions are defined in more detail. This applies also to the fields of OHS. In this context, all employment contracts show corresponding basic clauses and the obligation to obey the established corporate policies (including the applicable standards AGS). Depending on the size and structure of the company responsible administrative department for OHS must be established. Task of this OHS department is among other things to maintain the OHSMS, report to the company's management about the OHS performance, create risk assessments, process instructions and operating instructions, develop and distribute uniform instruction and training materials, provide expertise and the maintenance of communication platforms. Background for the central organization of the OHS is to create a unified, company-wide standardization. The centrally organized OHS department is always supported parallel by appropriate AGS experts (e. g. Safety Manager, Safety Experts, Safety Coaches) on-site. They are used as multipliers, on the other hand the acceptance and understanding of issues of the AGS will be strengthened through the involvement of staff from the crew. beispielhaftes organidiagramm