After the OHS elements, procedures, form sheets and tools have been developed, produced and released according to the company’s requirements by the top management, they will be introduced obligatory. When communicating this content, it is advantageous to use different media such as the intranet, notices, events and flyers / brochures. In addition to the company’s internal communication, it is also necessary to present the components of the OHSMS externally. On the one hand it serves to the PR, to emphasize the role model and the CSR in public (increase the image / reputation), as well as it serves to the obligation of contractors and visitors to adhere to the company standards. The foreign company manual has to be distributed to the contractor’s executives in charge not later than at this time. To clarify the mandatory character of the foreign company manual, a corresponding passage in the contracts with the contractors has to be added. This way, the correct OHS behavior is a part of the contract. Deficiencies in safety-relevant behavior have therefore not only rebukes as consequences, but also offer the employer the opportunity to make a price reduction. For the success of the company’s OHS it is very important, that the employees of the contractors follow the same safety standards as the company’s own employees to not to lower the level of safety.

The contractor’s education to safety-conscious behavior and the maintenance of quality at work also brings the advantage that the contractors share a part of the support process and thus contribute to economic and safe success during the implementation of the contract for work.

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