Contractors, Suppliers, Partners and Visitors

For contractors, suppliers, partners and visitors apply the same health and safety requirements as for the company itself or at least adequate requirements. Before assigning the works to contractors it is necessary to be sure that they operate in accordance to the requirements of the organization. Additionally, it must be ensured that the health and safety procedures and agreements are met from the contractor(s) locally. The contractors have to be informed of the relevant safety issues and health hazards in the workplace and be trained accordingly. The employees need to be instructed and trained related to the hazards and if necessary the use of PPE. About this information a document must be existent and reviewed by the employer regularly. Key figures of the workplaces and employees have to be provided by the contractor and checked by the employer. The occupational safety and health performance of the activities as well as the health and safety procedures and arrangements must be tested at the location regularly.

All essential safety requirements and information (OHS standards, operational rules, dos and donts) are described in the foreign company manual (FCM). The company expects or demands from the foreign company that the listed details are complied, as these are relevant to the safe commitment of the foreign companies in the organization. These may be certificates of the contractor, for example management certifications, completed risk assessments and protection measures, employee qualifications, condition of equipment or requirements for health and safety. The company sets in the FCM the information about the organization and requirements (e.g. work permit procedures, how to register and check out from the work place) and the expected behavior in the company, such as complying with regulations. Concerning this the appropriate forms and checklists are listed on the sources.Furthermore, the respective contact persons are mentioned in the FCM. The aim is to establish uniform guidelines regarding to the requirements of the protection of persons, property and environment.