Accident reporting process

In case of an accident, all employees are for example instructed to proceed as follows: The employee reports the accident to his supervisor, who registers the accident in the appropriate accident book. The document „accident report“ has to be filled out and sent to the company’s Accident Investigation Committee (AIC). This committee analyzes and evaluates the accident, whether a loss of work is connected with this incident or not. Additionally the committee has to inform the company management about the incident. The committee signs and sends the accident report, after a check for plausibility:
  • One copy of the accident report to the relatives of the victim
  • One copy of the accident report to the responsible National Authority for Occupational Health and Safety
  • One copy of the accident report to the Social Security Office
  • One copy of the accident report to the company’s labour inspection commission
  • One copy of the accident report to the company management
  • One copy of the accident report for the personnel file
As a result of the internal accident investigation, the workplace-related risk assessment has to be checked by the safety experts together with the manager. After this check-up preventive measures are to be derived by the safety experts and the management. The supervisors have to be informed orally and ordered to instruct their staff accordingly, to illustrate the risk of accident to the other employees again. In more important individual cases, the Occupational Health and Safety Department compiles an information sheet and sends it to the company management for a review. Afterwards these sheets are distributed to the divisions and hang out there.