Accident notification process

The reporting, detection, documentation and analysis of accidents with and without absenteeism, near misses and unsafe conditions or situations are important tools to improve the occupational health and safety. Especially the evaluation of an accident investigation provides important information in order to derive and implement measures that can prevent future incidents. Via this safety-enhancing effect, a comprehensive documentation ensures safe legal action in the company. Every employee of the company has to be informed by the instructions and briefings about his duty to inform his superior about a sustained occupational or commuting accident, near miss and the unsafe conditions, immediately. Generally, all employees are encouraged to avoid unsafe situations and to indicate each other in order to unsafe situations. These incidents must be detected with appropriate forms according to their category (linked to KPI) and then edited by the security experts. Injuries and accidents have to be entered in the accident book at the accident location because the smallest injury can lead to further serious illnesses. Unfallpyramide Beyond the documentation and reporting to the government, all accidents have to be evaluated afterwards in the company. In this connection safety experts carry out a technical plausibility check. In this case the manager and the safety experts determine /decide, if it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis (maybe on the accident location). The accident investigation enables early preventive measures to avoid accidents. Even if the damage of near misses and unsafe situations has failed, it is necessary to determine them and analyze the reasons for a (potential) occurrence. The detection, analysis and evaluation of the potential risks of accidents constitutes a system of preventive accident prevention. Therefore it is the job of the management and security experts to detect unsafe conditions and situations by regular factory tours. This situation should be discussed with the affected persons and the relevant measures must be taken. It is especially important to clarify the potential extent of damage /loss (“worst case scenario”) with the affected person, to make it aware of the risk (“what might have happen in the worst case?”). Recognized and avoided near misses and unsafe situations must be documented, as well as derived measures. The investigation of the occupational and commuting accidents, near misses and unsafe situations takes place in a documented mode. Meldung und Erfassung von Unfällen, Beinaheunfällen und unsicheren Zuständen bzw. Situationen